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There’s no industry that works quite like managed services. But what’s the onboarding process like? Unfortunately for many, there isn’t one. You’re left to your own devices and can end up feeling isolated.

So how do you become integrated in both your agency and client team? And what advice is there for new joiners?


The right way to onboard new starters.

Chris outlines his experience of coming aboard with Fluid Talent, as well as his top tips for new starters. 


“What does onboarding at Fluid Talent look like?”

After working at my previous company in the banking sector for 17 years, it was a big change for me to start working for Fluid Talent in January 2023. 

Suddenly, I was surrounded by new colleagues, new systems and processes, and a whole new workplace culture to experience. On top of all that, I knew I would be working with another new company – a global tech giant.

“They were really welcoming and helped me feel at ease.”

On day one, I had a pleasant conversation with Amina Hussein (Administrator Assistant) and Minaz Ramzan (VP), and they were really welcoming and helped me feel at ease. That day, I recorded my introduction video, and the whole team welcomed me with open arms via email and Teams, which was really wonderful.

The next step was to get set up with my new laptop (easy), familiarize myself with systems (there was plenty of help for this), and book some meetings with my new colleagues. I got to work introducing myself to the global marketing team with 1-2-1 meetings. It was nice to talk to people one-on-one, and everyone was incredibly warm. It really made me feel part of the team already. 

“I’m having fun and haven’t looked back.”

I’ve been working on my LinkedIn project with Fluid Talent for just over a month. I’m now able to add to my workload because everyone has been excellent at assisting with any of my queries. 

I’ve still got loads to learn, but I’m having fun and haven’t looked back since that first day.


“What advice would you give new managed services team members?”

  1. Trust the pace of information you’re being given from your assigned company is in line with their expectation. They aren’t going to lie to you!
  2. It’s great to show you’re willing to pick up any tasks that need doing – when you’ve got the time.
  3. During your downtime: 
    • organize 121 meetings
    • read up on acronyms 
    • ask questions (no question is a silly question)
    • play around with the systems
  4. Stay organized (bookmark web pages, create folders, etc.). It will help in the long run. I’ve personally found OneNote to be a really good tool for storing information.


A better approach to managed services. 

At Fluid Talent, we have dedicated ourselves to creating a culture that unites our team, fosters collaboration, and encourages growth. As a result, our team gets all the tools they need during onboarding – no one is left feeling like a spare part.

To find out how Fluid Talent can help you fill skills gaps with the best-managed services talent, or to join our team, get in touch today — we’d love to hear from you.