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Expertise and support
Our global team bring incredible skills to the table for some of the world’s most exciting brands.

There are a host of reasons why global brands need our expertise and support.

“Marketing teams are facing tight budgets and frozen head count, with zero wiggle room to scale their teams. Those kind of constraints make it hard to deliver great work and keep projects on track. Which is where we can help.”

Fluid Talent VP

When do clients need us?

Frozen headcount

When you lack headcount budget but have a marketing budget, our team can provide the capabilities you need.

Specific challenge to solve

When you need a niche skill to help with a task or project, we can provide the right experts — for as long as you need them.

Need to scale fast

We can build a team that lets you scale fast, take on new projects, and comfortably cope with shifting demands.

“We flexed our team over ​a three year period as we centralised our demand centre – it was the flexibility of Fluid Talent that made it possible.”

EMEA Senior Manager

Fluid Talent can plug any marketing skills gaps in your team from Technical Specialists, Marketing Professionals, UX and UI Developers to entire teams to deliver on your most critical of needs.
Our Fluid approach means that we can scale the team up or down to ensure your marketing projects stay on track. Konstanze can help you explore your managed services options.