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The alternative solution
Helping your marketing budget work harder.

No headcount, no problem! Shift the balance of power back in your favour with our Managed Services approach and get the on-demand skills you need today.

A new way to source marketing talent.

Top talent is in short supply. Niche skills are hard to find and businesses often lack the flexibility to deploy specialist teams that can handle “high-priority” work. Traditional talent-resourcing models can’t fix these problems, but ours can.
Our managed services model offers you instant access to our digital marketing talent. From urgent projects to large transformation efforts, we find the people you need so you can accomplish more. We can fill a single placement or build a whole team to help you scale fast and meet new demands.

What makes Fluid Talent different?

Seamless extension of your team

Our people become fully immersed members of your teams, working with you directly on a daily basis.

Centrally managed by us

Our team are employed by Ledger Bennett, our B2B marketing agency. We handle onboarding, HR, training, provisioning – you don’t have to do a thing.

No fixed term

Hire our people on a project basis or longer-term. Whatever works for you. You can also renew their Statement Of Work beyond two years based on your shifting needs.

Client exclusive

When you engage with our Fluid Talent solution, whatever the duration, we are 100% dedicated to your business needs, getting to the heart of your objectives.

No headcount restrictions

Maxed out on your headcount budget? No problem — we employ our own people, so you’re not restricted when you need to bring in new talent.

Locally Global

Wherever you are in the world, our teams are ready to work with you either in the next room, or the next time zone!

“We’re embedded in our client’s business, 100%. They see us as an extension of their own marketing teams and appreciate the niche skills we bring to the table.”

SEO Manager

Fluid Talent is the go to for many of our clients as a solution that delivers fast results across all marketing disciplines.
Whether that be Project Management, Campaign Management, Strategy or Creative – we have the talent pool to hit the ground running. Neil can help you explore your managed services options.