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Social Media Manager 

About the candidate 

Strong strategic skill set and operational knowledge as Social Media Executive. Pam has a high thought process on content strategies, combining paid and organic social and analytics is great. Good communication skills with high experience and motivation in social, looking for a position that will provide more opportunities to learn and upskill her knowledge.  


  • Social Media strategy
  • SEO and PPC analytics
  • Content Creation
  • Marketing
  • Project management
  • Paid & organic social


  • Managed digital media contents on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and LinkedIn. With an increase of 464.3% profile visits within 3 months
  • Increased reach by 490.09 % by developing branded content in various formats, including short videos
  • Lead in collaborating with a paid social media agency to create a brand-new social media strategy for acquiring diverse target customer for the brand website
  • Liaise with marketing team to re-visit marketing strategy monthly by monitoring digital media performance, updating trends, and tracking online social sentiment
  • Designed branded content pillars and optimize monthly communication plan on social media and brand website causing 32.80% growth of conversion in one year
  • Facilitated marketing team to analyze monthly media performance, trend and competitors’ activities
  • Lead in pioneer digital media project to identify target customers and provide market insights to sales team, resulting 98% acceptance rate from customers when project launches
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