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Product Marketing Manager – Vancouver, Canada

About the candidate 

Louise is a self-motivated individual who appreciates awesome tools that make lives easier for the greater good. She possess a positive can-do attitude, that proves her successes in new challenges. Curiosity drives her flexibility and willingness to adapt to various projects, which has
resulted in many achievements. Louise is from a SaaS background.


  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • ASAN
  • Market
  • Microsoft Dynamic
  • Jir
  • Confluence


  • Developing and executing high-level marketing and GTM strategies for
    multiple software suites in collaboration with various product manager
  • Developing positioning, value propositions, messaging and personas to
    be used in each product launch and ongoing campaign
  • Identifying each of the customer’s pain points, barriers and challenges,
    then creating and distributing the right message
  • Executing and coordinating all marketing aspects of a product launch
    including brand consistency, advertising, website, digital advertising
    and social campaigns
  • Planning, directing and executing creatives for online campaigns
    resulting in doubling revenue target and achieving 17x in ROA
  • Creating overall messaging, copy and collaterals for existing and new
    products for email, advertisement and video campaigns
  • Creating, managing and maintaining various content for social media
    accounts and product websites, resulting in increasing followers on
    LinkedIn by 200%
  • Monitoring and optimizing SEO initiatives such as increasing paid
    search conversions
  • Analyzing and reporting data from platforms like Google Analytics to
    make sound strategic decisions
  • Providing direction and guidance to colleagues engaged in marketing
  • Budgeting media plans for each quarter with allowable spend
  • Utilizing CRM data to create customer communication campaigns and
    gathering insights
  • Summarizing and analyzing survey and poll results; then applying and
    optimizing to projects and strategies
  • Implementing and streamlining product launch processes between
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