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Marketing Programs Manager

About the candidate 

Location: Ontario, Canada

Natasha is a results-oriented professional with 12+ years of experience and a proven knowledge of marketing strategy, campaign
management, marketing analytics, and digital marketing. Her experience spans SaaS, B2B and Event Management amongst others.


  • Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Paid Media for Facebook, Twitter,
    Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube
  • Programmatic Ad Buying
  • Neilson Brand Effect Studies
  • Social Media Listening (i.e. Sysomos)
    Marketing Mix Modeling (i.e.
  • Microsoft Virtual Advanced Analysis
    and Big Data
  • Website Optimization
  • Research and Analytical Skills
  • Understanding of Social Algorithms
  • Data Visualization
  • Event Planning and Management
  • Strategic Campaign Planning
  • Customer Relationship Management
    (CRM – i.e. Salesforce)


  • Create integrated marketing campaigns that meet business and marketing strategies and objectives.
  • Partner with appropriate teams to ensure overall process of creation, implementation, communication and
    monitoring of marketing campaigns within the services portfolio.
  • Participate in team meetings and take a leadership role in calendar and budget planning for the team to ensure
    visibility to key dates, meeting requirements and budget updates.
  • Translate marketing objectives and consumer insights into communication strategy.
  • Lead/interface and contribute to cross-functional marketing teams to deliver all elements of campaigns.
  • Deliver and monitor results; ensure stated objectives are delivered on plan (monitor/ early indicators) and where
    required, take corrective actions to achieve targets.
  • Stay current with industry and marketing trends to ensure continuous improvement and ongoing skills development.
  • Take an active role in finding process improvements to drive increased efficiency in the marketing team.
  • Build and analyze reports to provide visibility into marketing campaign results and measure campaign
    effectiveness, including outbound marketing metrics, lead distribution, opportunity stages, pipeline contribution,
    and ROI.
  • Position LNC as an industry leader by ensuring the brand and products are accurately promoted to drive awareness
    and position the brand as a legal innovation leader
  • Ensure all customer-facing materials deliver a consistent brand voice, personality, and visual identity
  • Collaborate with North American and Global team/resources on re-brand activation and adoption
  • Deliver a mix of Segment and Brand Marketing projects which showcase the breadth and depth of company
    product solutions, and market leadership
  • Assumed ownership of the brand’s equity and trademarks.
  • Provide ongoing guidance to Segment Marketing Managers and other business groups by
    overseeing/editing communication pieces, developing tactical pieces, and contributing unique solutions/ideas.
  • Measurement, monitoring and ongoing reporting on the results of marketing campaigns and tactics (i.e.
    impressions, followers, CTR, downloads, leads generated, revenue, etc.)
  • Demonstrate a data driven insight approach to develop initiatives that drive customer growth and demand
  • Project management – management of multiple crossfunctional campaign /initiatives
  • Internal and external communication – development and execution of content for an omni channel marketing
  • Corporate website – overall site management and optimization including branding, content development
    and positioning, customer journey and messaging
  • Management of the creative process to ensure timely development or amendment of collaterals, working with
    remote creative teams
  • Customer focus – creation and utilization of testimonials, case studies and other tools to drive demand generation
  • Event management – management of sponsorships,events, and strategic partnerships with select associations
  • Developing cross- functional objective driven incentive promotions to deliver growth in existing and new
  • Whitespace – leading the development of whitespace strategy and execution
  • Budgeting – monitoring and tracking to ensure ROI and efficiency of spend
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