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Marketing Data Analyst

About the candidate 

Will is an experienced and dedicated Marketing Data Analyst, focused on synthesizing insights to improve business results. He creates visualization tools and leads systematic reviews to transform raw information into intuitive understandings.


  • Data Analysis
  • SQL
  • Python
  • Airtable
  • Excel
  • Jira
  • Locker Studios


  • Developed and maintained customer on-site tracking tools and dashboards to evaluate marketing initiatives across channels, providing insights with flexible levels of detail
  •  Structured and designed a suite of prompt engineering tools to facilitate the use of both text and image-based generative artificial intelligence for designers and copywriters
  • Performed quantitative and qualitative research to generate reports that distill industry best practices across multiple marketing channels
  • Consulted with account managers and clients to overhaul financial tracking tools to increase visibility of project and campaign progress for all stakeholders
  • Automated reports to track trends across marketing channels to support C-suite in marketing, events, and roadmap development
  • Delineated and deployed financial analysis tools using financial data to track sales, ownership, and campaign strength
  • Developed Airtable bases to store results of competitive analyses in order to refine and
    track KPIs for finance & marketing clients
  • Engineered multiple ELT processes to automate dashboard design with frictionless updates
  • Used client strategic plans to design program evaluation tools for major school districts
  • Consulted with leadership teams to target client-specific growth resulting in 100% on time
    project completion rate for over 85% of clients
  • Identified and communicated technical requirements for implementation in new product
    launches and UX/UI updates by developing improved testing procedures
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