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Marketing Data Analyst – Alabama

About the candidate 

Alex is a Marketing Data Analyst experienced in helping organizations unlock meaningful outcomes through data analysis and interpretation. Helping to deliver meaningful business outcomes through granular analysis and compelling insights. Alex has martech experience and experience in project management and coordination in campaign execution and planning. 


  • Google Data Studio
  • R scripting
  • Experienced Supermetrics API user
  • Google Analytics/GA4
  • Conversion tracking
  • E-commerce Strategy and Analysis
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Salesforce
  • SEO and Keyword Optimization and Strategy
  • PostgreSQL
  • JIRA/Confluence
  • Seller and Vendor Central (Amazon)
  • DOMO (ETL, Dynamic Dashboards,Data Visualization)
  • Advertising Strategy Development
  • Proficient with Brand Analytics, account auditing, & share of shelf reporting
  • Sales Forecasting-Strata View
  • Marketing Analytics-Neustar E1, E1X
  • Business Intelligence-Admall, BIA Kelsey
  • Content Development & Delivery (biographies,research & media briefs)
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Microsoft & Adobe application suites


  • Design and execute data measurement strategy plans across many channels including email, paid media,
    organic social, SMS, and non-traditional channels such as community platforms
  • Create Tableu dashboards
  • Develop plans to address existing data hygiene issues within SFMC including lead and contact duplicates,
    and establish preventative measures
  • Work with stakeholders to identify and address organizational data hygiene needs
  • Establish UTM and campaign name generators in order to connect advertising efforts with completed
    CTAs, revenue, and lead acquisition
  • Utilize R to create custom data flows and perform analyses and automate manual processes
  • Utilize R to interact with large data sets, interact with client SFMC instances
  • Write and maintain Google Apps Scripts to automate workflows
  • Design and maintain data warehouses and implement automation processes for reporting
  • Create and maintain API connections to data from across a variety of platforms and marketing channels
  • Create and maintain client-facing dashboards in Looker Studio
  • Implemented inter-departmental standardization practices for data collection and reporting
  • Create custom weekly, monthly, quarterly reports for the client’s Amazon presence.
  • Lead weekly, monthly, and quarterly business reviews presenting recommendations for improving KPI’s,
    historical analysis, and new developments
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