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Marketing Data Analyst

About the candidate 

Gary has extensive data analytics experience gained over the past six years.


    • Tableau
    • SQL
    • Excel
    • Jira


  • Strategizing with analysts on optimization of data flows and prioritizing sprints efficiently to deliver qualified leads
  • Implemented supplemental data QA validation best practices such as quarterly reviews on SQL logic implementations for BAU campaigns and built standard suppressions in Snowflake DataIku data pipelines as per legal & risk guidelines.
  • Piloted and published automated queries to engage various products & ideas.
  • Coordinated with internal stakeholders through Bi-Weekly prioritization calls and JIRA tickets & Criteria ingestion forms to target specific population segments for over 200 direct to participant engagement marketing campaigns.
  • Worked alongside a Data Scientist to improve processes and address an existing business problem.
  • Balanced the distribution of imbalanced data to improve the quality of models.
  • Presented and tailored key findings to managing directors & non-technical audiences.
  • Oversaw firm’s Data Lake with creating Hadoop SQL DataIku data pipelines to streamline campaign targeting for over 600,000 participants each month.
  • Presented ad-hoc insights and provided details on leads to support the boosting of participant engagement, generating firm revenue, and increasing AUM.
  • Maintained firm’s data sensitivity protocols to ensure Client PII and firm confidentiality data is secured and protected.
  • Consolidated, enhanced, and managed sales information across various vendors and distribution channels, integrating it into internal company databases, thereby guaranteeing the sales team’s access to real-time sales and inventory insights.
  • Maintained a rolling 6-month sales forecast for wholesale vendor channels to give proper estimations of future sales broken down by SKU level and to properly align sales goals & product allocation plans.
  • Analyzed the latest market and seasonality trends to provide stretch and attainable sales quotas and projections for Sales and Leadership teams.
  • Converted Excel Workbooks into Tableau Dashboard to give internal sales team and executives a best-in-class fresher and cleaner interface
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