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Senior Lifecycle and Growth Manager

About the candidate 

Lindsay is a self-starter with over 10 years’ experience in product development. Passionate and skilled at growth
strategies by implementing deep analysis research and leading teams around business outcomes.
Hardworking, competent and highly motivated individual with deep drive for personal and professional
development. Excellent communication skills which allow me to develop solid working and business
relationships with various stakeholders. Highly organised and adaptable with good time management skills
allowing me to deliver and meet deadlines


  • E-Commerce & Team Growth: Built team of 7 and 5+ B2M products, encompassing a total portfolio of 11 million
    monthly users. Strategically identified product market gaps to align with business objectives, achieving
    remarkable growth ranging from 30% to 1400%, thereby driving year-on-year company expansion through
    product innovation.
  • SaaS Product Growth: Identified and led product initiatives for 3 B2B products, resulting in a sustainable usage
    increase of 172%. Utilised a multi-prong approach that delivered Microsoft Teams integrations with world
    leading partner and changes to the customer activation phase, driving significant growth in product adoption.
  • Digital Transformation: Developed a comprehensive market entry strategy for a new product, emphasising
    reducing operational overhead and targeting untapped markets.


Successfully led numerous large end-to-end (E2E) initiatives, requiring extensive coordination and
collaboration across the business. These initiatives are centered on introducing a net-new product to the
market and driving product strategies for awareness, consideration, and purchase phases of customers
journey. My expertise for these encompass areas such as authentication and API integrations.
• Led the successful planning, execution, and delivery of a large end-to-end (E2E) feature that seamlessly
integrated multiple components of the platform, bringing cross-functional product teams together to
collaborate effectively, as a result enhanced the overall user experience and significantly increased user
engagement, showcasing the power of cohesive teamwork and innovation.
• Conducted workshop and one-on-one sessions to educate product mangers around integration best
practices, processes and techniques for stakeholder buy-in. As a result, created a more efficient and
collaborative work environment that enabled the organisation to leverage integration effectively for
enhanced productivity and streamlined operations.
• Pioneered data-driven decision-making processes, conceptualising the utilisation of market insights and
user feedback to prioritise features and enhancements, resulting in a increase in customer and business
stakeholder satisfaction.
• Successfully navigated and led a dynamic team through a pivotal re-branding initiative, driving
significant organisational transformations. By providing strategic mentoring and guidance, the team
achieved the on-time delivery of a high-quality feature pivotal to the project’s success.
• Spearheaded the strategic migration of users by proactively identifying and capitalising on strategic
opportunities that effectively re-acquired customers and transformed them into active, engaged users.

• Drove and nurtured strategic partnership by creating API integration for Shifts, partnering go-to-market
strategy together, in result unlocking the leader in workforce management customers.
• Identified 615 Million monthly growth opportunity by harnessing ambiguous data and deep analysis to
derive meaningful insights about the end-users ultimate objectives and led the stakeholders into
understanding what the problem we are trying to solve is and why.
• Influencing internal and external stakeholders by aligning them to the strategic vision of the problem to
achieve buy-in and drive the seamless integration of multiple feature teams to drive product growth.
• Leading a team to successfully drive Collaboration Manager for Loans product quality by prioritising
400+ of bugs leading up to public release and prioritising action steps to mitigate issues and meet tight
• Created accessibility initiative and framework than led organisation to band together and drive product
improvements for millions of people with disabilities.
• Created innovative product led growth framework in the organisation to lead teams to making informed
data driven decisions at every stage of the product lifecycle that impacts millions of end-users every day.
• Driving process optimisation through analysing technical weaknesses, identifying methods to improve
team communication, while navigating the hyper-growth phase of a newly established team.

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