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Lifecycle Marketing Manager

About the candidate 

Tom has worked in the B2B, SaaS Growth and Lifecycle environment for a number of years. He also brings experience from the content side of marketing.


    • Lifecycle Marketing
    • Hubspot
    • Salesforce
    • Marketing Operations and Automation
    • Paid Search Advertising
    • Paid Social Advertising
    • SEO
    • SEM
    • Account-based Marketing
    • Lifecycle Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Content Marketing
    • Copywriting
    • Data Analysis & Visualization.


  • Designed targeted demand generation strategies for global B2B SaaS and hardware vendor across paid search, paid social, lifecycle marketing, and account-based marketing channels resulting in 1.5X Y/Y growth in marketing-sourced pipeline to $3.5M.
  • Optimized growth strategies and directed inside sales team lead engagement such that SQL volume grew by 3X and MQL volume grew by 2X Y/Y.
  • Directed paid search strategies such that CTR grew by 5X and conversion rates grew by 3X Y/Y. Owned paid social strategies such that CTR grew by 20%, CPM decreased by 4X, and CPQL decreased by 4X Y/Y.
  • Managed and optimized digital properties and lifecycle marketing strategies such that organic search sessions grew by 33%, email sessions grew by 75% Y/Y, and nurtured SQLs grew by 3X Y/Y.
  • Architected marketing operations, automation, attribution, and data infrastructure for both Shift Media and EditShare lead funnels. Led database migration and optimization project across Hubspot, Salesforce, and additional martech platforms through M&A.
  • Managed targeted demand generation strategies across paid, owned, and earned channels for B2B video ad tech startup, resulting in 3X Y/Y SQL growth, 4X Y/Y growth in marketing-sourced pipeline to $1.75M, and 2X Y/Y growth in marketing-influenced pipeline to $7.5M.
  • Optimized lead acquisition strategies across content, social, and event marketing channels resulting in 3X Y/Y MQL growth and 2X Y/Y lead growth.
  • Managed and optimized web and digital properties such that new user traffic grew by 20% and lead magnet page conversion rates increased by 40% Y/Y.
  • Directed operations and automation across Hubspot and Salesforce to measure, optimize, and forecast growth across channels and customer segments. Led
    implementation of sales enablement platform Highspot.
  • Produced and managed marketing content and communications across owned and earned channels, executed email marketing campaigns, and managed marketing operations and automation.
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