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Lifecycle Marketing Manager

About the candidate 

Jessy is an experienced marketing professional with a proven track record in driving demand and expanding market reach for innovative solutions. Adept at collaborating across verticals and geographies, He brings expertise in interpreting marketing strategy, crafting integrated campaigns, and leveraging data insights to optimize outreach efforts. His ability to serve as a strategic point person for solution expansion and a passion for aligning marketing initiatives with organizational goals positions him as an asset in achieving heightened awareness, engagement, and demand across diverse industries.


    • CRM Management Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Video Production
      Event Management Content Development Design Services Website Publishing
      Website Design Project Management Strategic Content Creation Campaign Development
      Demand Gen Campaign Account List Segmentation Campaign Promotion Analytics and Data Reporting
      Client Relations Fluent in Spanish SharePoint Allocadia
      WordPress Slack Marketo (Certified) Sprout Social
      GitHub Salesforce Photoshop HTML/CSS
      Hootsuite Premier Pro/ Sprinklr ABM Marketing


  • Collaborated with clients to define video objectives, budgets, and creative concepts, ensuring clear expectations and high
  • Conceptualized, scripted, directed, and produced compelling video content, tailoring projects to unique client needs and target
  • Oversaw video post-production, editing, and graphics, maintaining high production values and consistency throughout Used Premier Pro and
  • Advised clients on video marketing strategies, resulting in a 30% boost in user engagement and brand
  • Supported the GTM strategies of several Microsoft divisions with differentiated messaging, content development, and campaign Deliverables included Seller-ready playbooks, customer decks, field guides, videos, and social media assets.
  • Collaborated with diverse clients across industries to develop and implement comprehensive marketing strategies, resulting in a 15% average increase in annual revenue.
  • Lead competitive analysis and developed strategies to differentiate products in the market • Manage the product lifecycle from ideation to end-of-life
  • Utilized marketing automation tools and CRM systems to streamline lead generation and nurture campaigns, resulting in a 15% increase in lead conversion rates. Utilized marketing automation tools and CRM systems to facilitate lead generation and nurture campaigns, resulting in a 15% increase in lead conversion rates.
  • Content Optimization: Optimized content by analyzing web traffic metrics and identifying inefficiencies backed by web analytic These optimizations resulted in a 25% increase in organic search traffic and a 10% improvement in conversion rates.
  • Content Calendar Management: Developed and managed a content calendar, ensuring content deadlines were consistently published on schedule. This led to a 20% reduction in content publishing delays and improved
  • Digital Presence & Brand Awareness: Distributed and managed content on various digital channels, including Instagram, LinkedIn, and the company career This strengthened the web presence, resulting in a 30% increase in social media engagement and a 25% boost in brand awareness.
  • Led end-to-end marketing campaigns for a diverse portfolio of clients, aligning strategies with their unique goals and target
  • Experience with many marketing software like Github, Marketo, Salesforce, Allocadia, Adobe Analytics, and many more.
  • Collaborated with clients to define campaign objectives, budgets, and KPIs, ensuring clear expectations and overall
  • Orchestrated multi-channel marketing campaigns, including digital advertising, content marketing, social media, email marketing, and events, delivering on time and within
  • Boosted conversion rates by 10% using data-driven insights and marketing analytics to measure and optimize campaign
  • Developed creative and compelling campaign concepts, coordinating with designers, writers, and videographers to produce engaging content that resonated with the target
  • Managed project timelines and resources, ensuring seamless execution and timely delivery of campaign
  • Presented campaign strategies and results to clients through regular meetings and reports, maintaining a 90% client satisfaction
  • Fostered strong client relationships, resulting in a 25% increase in recurring business and
  • Content Marketing Processes: I have documented and implemented comprehensive content marketing processes, which have led to a 20% increase in content production efficiency and a 15% growth in lead
  • Customer Improvement: Collected customer feedback and generated ideas to increase customer engagement. This initiative led to a 15% improvement in customer satisfaction and a 10% growth in user
  • Proficient in measuring ad performance through various metrics and analytics tools.
  • Skilled in marketing analysis and reporting, providing insights into campaign effectiveness and ROI.
  • Experienced in utilizing advertising tools for optimizing ad placements and targeting.
  • Familiarity with media mix modeling (MMM) techniques to assess the impact of different marketing channels.
  • Proficient in utilizing brand lift tools to measure the impact of advertising on brand perception and awareness.
  • Capable of working closely with advertisers to understand their objectives and challenges.
  • Proven ability to analyze data and provide actionable recommendations to improve ad performance and achieve campaign goals.
  • Collaboration with the Marketing Team: Collaborated with the marketing team to generate high-quality content and align it with marketing objectives. This collaboration contributed to a 20% increase in content relevance to the target audience and a 10% boost in lead
  • Coordinated closely with vertical and product-focused teams to develop and implement campaign plans tailored to generate demand within specific areas of responsibility.
  • Orchestrated creating and deploying diverse campaign assets, including email, digital, print, event-based, and content syndication tactics, ensuring alignment with plan goals.
  • Leveraged profile data and behavioral activity to design and execute sequenced programs, optimizing timing and messaging for maximum impact.
  • Developed comprehensive communication plans and campaign maps for designated industry segments, geographies, and solutions, consolidating all planned tactics to ensure cohesive and targeted marketing efforts.
  • Created engaging and informative content for diverse online and print publications, reaching an average of 1 million monthly
  • Produced articles, blog posts, and marketing materials on technology, lifestyle, travel, and finance while meeting strict
  • Developed and maintained a robust editorial calendar to plan content production and maintain a consistent publishing
  • Conducted thorough research on industry trends, market insights, and SEO best practices to optimize content for search engines, resulting in a 25% increase in organic
  • Boosted lead generation by 20% by crafting compelling copy for email campaigns, landing pages, and social
  • Edited content for accuracy, readability, and adherence to style guidelines, ensuring the highest quality of published
  • Developed and executed a robust demand generation strategy encompassing various channels such as digital, search, webinars, nurturing, and email to achieve unitQ’s acquisition goals and drive revenue
  • Responsible for managing campaigns, including audience targeting, creative development, and budget allocation, to optimize efficiency and
  • Played a pivotal role in supporting the Account-Based Marketing (ABM) go-to-market strategy, creating scalable campaigns that raised awareness and generated opportunities for specific target
  • Maintained a data-driven approach by consistently testing and optimizing marketing efforts to improve performance and maximize
  • Ensured accurate tracking, tagging, attribution, and automation within marketing operations to enhance measurement, reporting, and efficiency.
  • Developed a deep understanding of existing and prospective customers, identifying their motivations and triggers that lead to conversions into leads and customers.
  • Collaborated closely with a growing sales organization to align marketing efforts with sales objectives and generate high-quality
  • Managed the regular reporting of key performance indicators (KPIs) on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis, including metrics related to engagement, lead generation, marketing spending, return on investment (ROI), and conversion
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