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Digital Marketing Manager

About this candidate

Results-driven Senior Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager with a track record of developing and implementing successful digital strategies. Adept at optimizing budget allocation, driving website traffic, and increasing brand visibility. Proven expertise in social media management, paid advertising, and team leadership.


  • Achieved a 48% increase in website traffic through digital acquisition strategies and optimized budget allocation of £1m marketing spend.
  • Led a cross-functional team consisting of designers, developers, and content creators in the successful redesign of company websites, resulting in a modernized and user-friendly interface, improved user experience, and a 35% increase in website conversions.
  • Optimized paid marketing campaigns, resulting in a 12% month-on-month improvement in conversion rates and a 35% reduction in cost per acquisition.
  • Optimized paid social media campaigns, achieving a 50% reduction in cost per click (CPC) and a 30% increase in conversion rates, resulting in a significant improvement in return on ad spend (ROAS).
  • Implemented an email marketing automation campaign, leading to a 40% increase in click-through rates and a 15% boost in overall email engagement.
  • Conducted a/b testing on landing pages, optimizing conversion rates and achieving a 20% uplift in lead



SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER | 08/2022 – 12/2022

Onfido – Remote

  • Analyzed $150K of paid monthly marketing spend data to optimize audience, creative and copy of campaigns; improved conversion by 12% MoM and lowered cost per acquisition by 35%
  • Produced a performance reporting template, achieving an 80% reduction in the preparation time of board reports
  • Created content and copy for social channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) and assessed audience response to create targeted messaging and inform future content; social media following grew 125%+ organically within 3 months
  • Revamped Employee Advocacy program, increasing share rate by 15% in two months

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER | 06/2019 – 07/2022

AVEVA Group plc – Remote

  • Introduced new social strategy to activate brand voice, boosting overall contacts gained through social media (+150% leads and +131% MQLs)
  • Led team members and regional teams to manage the social media strategy for 10+ social media accounts
  • Engaged regularly with wider online communities on LinkedIn, boosting engagement rates by 5%
  • Boosted conversions by 145%, CTR 50%, and social web referrals 40% in the first six months
  • Accelerated social traffic growth by 29%, with +35% dwell time and reduced bounce rate by -16%
  • Performed rigorous A/B testing on LinkedIn to increase the efficacy of paid ads, resulting in an improvement of ROI of 55% year on year
  • Revamped advocacy strategy resulting in improved engagement rate, with advocate post per AVEVA post up by 132%


Abcam – Cambridge

  • Drove double-digit traffic growth (11% globally and 30% for China) to the website via Paid Search, SEO, Display, Remarketing, and Affiliate channels
  • Allocated £1 million annual budget across media channels to optimize a complex set of goals


  • Designed, executed, and optimized digital marketing campaign on Google’s AdWords, yielding 20% ROI improvements
  • Identified and examined key performance indicators to track ROI of advertising campaigns worth US$1M
  • Executed and curated a portfolio of paid media campaigns with the goal of driving cost-effective, high quality leads


Hochanda TV Ltd – Oundle, Peterborough

  • Increased site traffic by 48% year on year by developing, executing, and measuring integrated, multi- channel marketing strategies to increase brand awareness which generated and nurtured leads
  • Established a full SEO audit and checklist of recommendations in line with e-commerce platform move which generated an increase in organic traffic of 17%
  • Built and maintained a positive online community around Hochanda and all sub brands by moderating forums (Reddit), social media groups and responding to customer queries
  • Launched customer activation and loyalty programs, proving a 15% revenue increase month on month
  • Created and implemented Google AdWords strategy; inflated customer acquisitions by 20% and decreased cost per acquisition by 30%
  • Spearheaded project to improve conversion rate of mobile app; analyzed data from 25000 monthly active users and used outputs to guide marketing and product strategies
  • Doubled average app engagement time and decreased drop off rate by 30%


MyHomeMove Ltd – Leicester

  • Achieved an increase of 15% in leads in 2016 from core campaigns through strategic management and tactical knowledge of a broad range of paid advertising channels
  • Re-designed website and introduced social media marketing plan; uplifted conveyancing bookings by 28% and social media followers by 19%
  • Reduced bounce rate by 10% through landing page optimization and redefined user experience
  • Collaborated with the director of design to develop content plans and editorial outlines for long-term communication strategies, improving brand awareness by 45% in 6 weeks


Travis Perkins Plc – Northampton


Travis Perkins Plc – Northampton

MARKETING ASSISTANT | 07/2012 – 11/2013

Sayers Motor Factors – Northampton


·    Digital Marketing Strategy

·    Conversion Rate Optimization

·    Web Analytics

·    CRM

·    Social Media Marketing

·    Paid Media Advertising

·    SEO & SEM

·    Google AdWords

·    Email Marketing Automation

·    Team Management

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