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Snr. Campaign Manager 

About the candidate 

Hugo is a dynamic and results-driven Senior Marketer with a genuine passion for the art of marketing. With an impressive track record of
spearheading multi-million euro B2B marketing campaigns and successfully expanding market share across diverse markets such as the
EU, South America, and Europe, he brings a wealth of expertise to every project. His approach to marketing is grounded in data and intelligence. A firm believer that every marketing initiative should be backed by numbers, he is dedicated to meticulously tracking and analyzing campaign
performance to ensure a proven return on investment. Boasting over fifteen years of experience crafting and executing intricate
marketing strategies for renowned national brands, he possess the knowledge and skills necessary to drive substantial growth outcomes.


  • Marketo
  • Salesforce
  • Power-BI
  • AI
  • Data
  • Events
  • Hubspot
  • Email


  • Spearheaded B2B marketing advertising solutions for enterprise and medium companies
  • Collaborated closely with the sales team, providing targeted marketing solutions to generate
    leads and opportunities through impactful strategies such as webinars,
    tradeshows, events, and email nurture campaigns.
  • Pioneered the implementation of a highly successful global rewards program, streamlining the process of sending gifts to customers in
    over 100 countries. With exceptional sales adoption of over 60%, the program played a pivotal role in establishing fruitful relationships and
    closing numerous deals, significantly contributing to revenue growth
  • Acted as the key liaison for Partner Marketing in the EMEA region, overseeing the release of campaigns encompassing email marketing,
    webinars, landing pages,  including Hubspot, Adobe, Metadata, and others. This strategic partnership program resulted in a remarkable 120%
    increase in revenue from customers utilizing partners compared to customers without partners, demonstrating the substantial value of
    collaborative efforts.
  • Led comprehensive marketing activities for Data Analytics in Europe, with a specific focus on targeting Enterprise accounts.
  • Collaborated closely with the sales team and external agencies to drive pipeline generation and achieve strategic objectives.
  • Orchestrated a series of highly successful round table meetings with C-level executives in partnership with renowned vendors such as
    Gartner, TechTarget, and others. This strategic initiative yielded an impressive 20+ opportunities and resulted in the closure of two
    significant projects, showcasing the ability to cultivate meaningful relationships and drive tangible business outcomes.
  • Spearheaded the successful launch of the innovative Data Cloud solutions campaign.
  • Executed a comprehensive marketing strategy encompassing the development of a cutting-edge website, engaging webinars, and a highly targeted email marketing campaign. This integrated campaign effectively positioned the company as a leader in the Data Analytics space,
    resulting in heightened brand visibility, increased customer engagement, and a notable surge in pipeline growth.
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