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Senior Lifecycle and Growth Manager

About the candidate 

Ekaterina is an experienced marketing professional with a strong background in finance, telecom, technology,
SaaS, and renewable energy. Proficient in developing and managing marketing strategies,
global campaigns, and brand development across diverse budgets. Skilled in marketing
automation, tracking, and reporting. Worked with companies of all sizes, from start-ups to
corporations. International experience in Europe, the US and Canada, APAC, Russia, and North


  • Led the EMEA Global Demand gen. team in executing global marketing programs for enterprises and SMEs in Emerging Markets, focusing on EMEA and Russia. Aligned cross-regional marketing plans with country teams for successful execution.
  • Collaborated with partners, business development managers, and country marketing to identify and qualify demand-generating activities, secure joint-marketing funding, and oversee execution in Channel Marketing
  • Developed and managed global B2B marketing programs targeting smaller investment
    banks and retail brokers. Managed partner portal, B2B marketing campaigns, marketing
    and sales collateral, and educational materials. Consulted the bank’s partners on go-tomarket campaigns, education, and client life-cycle management. Organized and
    coordinated a number of external and internal events geared toward top management.
    of banks and financial brokers.
  • Specialized in marketing strategy, full-funnel B2B and B2C campaigns, social media
    management, and SEO. Expertise in investment and online trading, technology, and
    robotics sectors.
  • Spearheaded brand development and established a distinctive tone of voice. Led
    strategic marketing initiatives and collaborated with UX/UI specialists to shape the frontend of the digital asset exchange and mobile application. Oversaw marketing automation, executed PR campaigns, and managed social media channels.
  • Led strategic initiatives, customer negotiations, marketing, and product development
    for a proprietary SaaS solution with payment integration, cloud hosting, analytics, and
  •  Oversaw marketing, communications, and IT team recruitment.
  • Planned and supervised 360-degree marketing campaigns, customer research
    initiatives, and SEO strategies for companies targeting retail and institutional segments
    in diverse geographic locations.
  • Managed a client portfolio consisting of financial and investment firms, luxury and design businesses, and technology start-ups
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