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Marketing Data Analyst – Dublin

About the candidate 

Diego is an accomplished and resourceful  level 8 diploma in Data Analytics proffesional and currently enrolled in a part-timeMSc in Data Analytics programme(level 9). With over 9 years of experience in data analysis, insights analysis, business analysis, team leading/coaching, project analysis, operational risks, customer service and business development. Experienced at undertaking analytic work by using mainly R and SQL, and proactively researching projects, whilst working in a team environment with multiple priorities from various stakeholders with tight deadlines. Having an active commitment to continuously improving quality standards when performing data analysis, dataset creation and maintenance, and providing impactful actionable insights. Capable of using economics and statistics principles, and advanced data science tools to analyse data related, but not limited, to marketing, customer behaviour, sales performance. Previously at TikTok, Google and Accenture.


  • R-Code
  • SQL
  • Microsoft Suite including Advanced Excel
  • BigQuery
  • Google PLX
  • GoogleData Studio/Looker
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • ERPs
  • IntermediateHTML


  • Drive quantitative analysis of end-to-end projects regarding the SMB service channel, sales funnel and cycle, and develop insights that help the business to understand the effectiveness of sales & service teams’ operations.
  • Identify opportunities to help SMBs grow to become successful advertisers and generate revenue growth.
  • Assist in the development of SMB business metrics, data infrastructure and analytical frameworks by using SQL, R and creating templates for team members to replicate reports and analysis.
  • Partner with Sales, Marketing, Product, Programs and Engineering teams to solve problems,identify growth opportunities and kick-off initiatives/ programs.
  • Manage stakeholders’ requests and priorities through Agile framework along with regular communication/sync in order to build trust, set clear expectations and meet tight deadlines.
  • Apply expertise in quantitative analysis, data mining, business modelling, presentation of data and project management to see beyond the numbers and understand how advertisers interact with the core products.
  • Build and maintain regular reports, dashboards, and metrics to monitor the performance of our sales & service teams and the SMB advertisers they support.
  • Mine very large amounts of data and extract useful, impactful and actionable insights.
  • Provided data, built the analytics foundations and performed analysis for the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) project, which for the first time defined the SMB ICP resulting in valuable insights for marketing, sales and strategic teams to target customer acquisition and generate revenue growth.
  • Contributedto the improvement of analytics foundations, consolidating dashboards to meet best practices, improvement of analytics toolkit, and the creation of report documents and SQL-query templates.
  • Conducted in-depth regional analysis (done for the first time at TikTok SMB department), conducting statistical analysis, uncovering trends, patterns, and drivers of performance for global sales teams, of which I provided actionable insights and collaborated with stakeholders to implement market targeting, churn prevention and product strategies resulting in improvement of sales operations effectiveness, customer retention and revenue growth.
  • Provided SMB Cloud Growth Programs team with online business analysis support using SQL, Excel and dashboards as main tools to manipulate large datasets.
  • Defined and implemented metrics to provide insight into Google Cloud online performance.
  • Supported cross-functional stakeholders through understanding and using key business metrics.
  • Conducted online business analyses to understand drivers for performance trends.
  • Drove monthly, quarterly and annual business evaluation reviews, drove visibility into prioritization and investment decisions.
  • Modelled the impact of growth initiatives, consolidated, maintained and updated revenue models for GWS and GCP initiatives.
  • Performed ongoing tracking, reporting, and dashboarding of regional initiatives and online sales performance for GWS and GCP.
  • Executed ad-hoc analyses and gainedinsights to advise regional sales leadership.
  • Ran Pricing analyses and synthesized recommendations.
  • Implemented and maintainedan automated system to integrate competitor’s price and FX rates with Google prices and monitor these variables in the dashboardas a Cartesian plane chart with automated flags indicating increase or decrease of prices by country and SKU stored in large database saccessed through SQL.
  • Built a robust model which predicts the demand and revenue impact of price changes by country based on the automated price and FX monitoring as one of the tools of the pricing strategy.
  • Implemented an automated system for monitoring business KPIs which is setup based on the prediction of future performance by determining upper and lower bands in order to alert when anomaly is detected so early mitigation actions can be taken.
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