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ABM Marketing Manager 

About the candidate 

Over 20 years of experience helping companies in the B2B space design, implement and optimize the global demand generation engines that are necessary to help direct and channel-based sales teams retire quota. From demand waterfall design and forecasting to lead management and sales development. Developed a new account-based approach to GTM that targeted a hyper-defined addressable market and account set. These included both new account targets and existing customers. Managed a North American team of marketing programs managers, analytics experts and sales development reps (SDRs). 


  • Account based marketing (ABM) 
  • 1:Few, 1:Many, 1:1
  • Development of ABM Playbooks
  • Account Based Scoring Model
  • Demand waterfall design, planning and forecasting 
  • Digital marketing (SEO, display retargeting, paid social)  
  • Email marketing  
  • Field marketing (field events, regional campaigns) 
  • Trade shows and digital events 
  • Marketing automation selection and implementation 
  • Strategic partner marketing  
  • Channel partner marketing 
  • CRM-based performance reporting 
  • Internal communications  
  • Sales enablement and support (ABM account selection, campaign and event playbook development)  


  • Strategy Development: Go-to-market planning, customer journey mapping, account-based marketing (ABM) planning & execution, marketing organization development and sales & marketing alignment, etc.  
  • Marketing Operations: Demand waterfall planning, lead-to-live process design, forecasting & budgeting, martech evaluation/vendor selection/implementation planning and Sales Development Rep (SDR) team development & planning. 
  • Digital Marketing: Site optimization, search engine marketing, email marketing, social media planning & marketing. 
  • Content Development: Persona development & definition, thought leadership content planning & writing, voice of the customer content development, public relations content and social media content. 
  • Copywriting: extensive copywriting experience across platforms
  • Campaign Execution: implemented several general market and ABM-focused campaigns for net new prospects and existing customers in a wide range of industries.  
  • Partnered with the global sales team to overhaul the lead management process to reduce waste and improve conversion rates; MQL-to-Qualified Opportunity conversions rose by more than 24% (year over year comparison). 
  • Predictive analytics: technology and 3rd party SDR capabilities to improve account qualification – the key to successful ABM and outbound campaign efforts; these efforts help shrink the average MQL-to-Qualified Opportunity time to conversion to less than 14 days. 
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